Poetry on commission

Some special occasions are made even more so when accompanied by poems able to summarize time in a verse, to hold the emotion with the word, to express what is inside.
I create customized poems for various occasions.


…I was staring at the river
flowing slowly
moving forward,
It held drops of light
of shimmering reflections
dragging pebbles of joy.

Snug among the walls of the body
goddess of a river that, overflowing,
follows the course of life
you descendent into my hands
chest of precious gems,
diadem at the bottom of my heart…

Excerpt from “The Way that Leads to You”

~ Anna Ciardullo Villapiana ©


…kisses and laughter bounce,
like the hand of a drummer
at the sound of memories
and pages, books and words
devoured by your mind,
created a bridge
overlooking the sea
that of future and knowledge
and on a boat loaded with dreams,
you will set sail, curiously,
and you will feel our gliding hands, our breaths
on your shoulder like a shiver…

we who live from our dream
we who applaud, happily, yours.

Excerpt from “Boatload of Dreams”

~ Anna Ciardullo Villapiana ©


 …together towards you
happy march of bride and groom
promising eternal love
together towards you
profound union of two hands
tying in an eternal bond.

Bless our path
even when, tired,
we may want to stop
bless our union
even when, incredulous,
we may desire to separate…

Excerpt from “For Giulia and Marco”

~ Anna Ciardullo Villapiana ©


…together in good times and in bad
to nurture each other
in endeavors, in uneasiness,
in the heavy shadow of suitcases
that with their weight crashed the heart.

Meanwhile some more wrinkles adorned the face
but never the soul, nor your love
which, growing, became unconditional care
tender caress touching the face of the soul.

While my voice weaves the sound of your love
It trembles before losing itself in the roots of the soul.

Excerpt from “Caress on the Face of the Soul”

~ Anna Ciardullo Villapiana ©


 …you offer the bread of an eternal life
you are light in the heart
you are light in the eyes
you are light reflected in words.

Guardian of a message if love
pilgrim without fear
you. Walk through roads and long corridors
in an illusory solitude
filled with actions and thoughts
collected along the way.

You draw from the true source
inebriate yourself with true light
and pouring it onto the world
you find your meaning in the long paths
and in the hidden crossroads of your life.

Excerpt from “Light in the Heart”

~ Anna Ciardullo Villapiana ©



Death is a moment of darkness
between the colours of life
and the everlasting light.

You will shine bright
in the heart of those who knew and loved you.

You are memory that wind
whispers to my heart
you are, in the void you leave,
prayers and light.
Heaven’s reflections, now and always,
revolve in your eyes.

Flowers fed by the seeds of your love
are blooming in the sky
your absence on earth is light in Heaven

~ Anna Ciardullo Villapiana ©