Italian Private Lessons

For the pleasure of sharing a better understanding of the Italian language and culture, I’ve been teaching Italian for the past twenty years in private and public settings. I also have expertise in translating ancient Italian or English documents, as well as essays, poems, songs and manuals.

I offer lessons that suit your needs by providing personalized learning programs based on your level of understanding of the language. Personalized lessons are delivered in English for beginners and in Italian for advanced students. I can provide you with:

Conversational Italian If you would like to be able to communicate while travelling, or to connect with your Italian roots or just for the pleasure of learning.

Advanced Italian to expand your knowledge of the language, to enhance your grammar and written skills.

Tutoring to enhance your studies for academic success.

*Italian conversation circles and Italian cooking sessions are also provided upon request.

For more details please fill in the form below or contact me.
I will respond within 24 hours.


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Mauro La Pietra
Mauro La Pietra
5 months ago

I have been having Italian grammar and conversation lessons with Anna for almost 2 years now. Initially the lessons were in person but for most of 2020 we switched to video conference, which happens to be a very convenient and efficient way. Anna has helped me tremendously; in less than 2 years my spoken Italian improved considerably. She has more to offer than just being a native Italian speaker as she is deeply immersed in poetry and literature, she is a natural in Italian language. Besides being an experienced and knowledgeable teacher, Anna is very dedicated to teaching the proper… Read more »

Mike Katsirdakis, CEO, KATLYN Intl. Inc.
Mike Katsirdakis, CEO, KATLYN Intl. Inc.
5 months ago

Anna has been teaching me conversational Italian for several years on and off. Learning foreign languages is a hobby, but it is also required for my work. Anna is an excellent teacher, very patient and very adaptable to the individual requirements of her students. She is also an author and has published several books with her poems. I had not realized how much I have learned until, in a few occasions, I had to engage in conversation with people whose native language is Italian. I surprised myself when I realized that I was able to hold a conversation in Italian… Read more »

Gabriel Niccoli
Gabriel Niccoli
5 months ago

I’ve been working with Anna for several years as she was one of my teaching and research assistants at St. Jerome’s University / University of Waterloo. Her students were consistently very enthusiastic about having her in the Italian Conversation tutorial classes. Not only did she bring to class her knowledge of the Italian language and culture but also a very positive and infectious energy. Through the years she has also been doing Italian-English translations of critical essays and Italian ancient documents both for me and for other faculty members. Her knowledge of both Italian and English, and her writing skills, make her an… Read more »

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