Beyond the Sea – Dialogue Diverse


Quarry of Dreams

Enveloped in a white aura
she resists his love,
her hair didn’t glide through his fingers,
her lips didn’t taste his kiss,
so close they were far away,
waiting, like lightning about to strike the ground
someone would die if contact was made.

Enveloped in the white of an aura
she resists his words
full of emptiness,
his eyes and the desire
that resound in her thoughts,
destabilizing, like a fright,
vertigo of fading life
that creates a vortex
in which she does not let herself fall in.

And balancing on a thread of wool,
her legs crossed, her hands in Mudra,
she remains enveloped in a white aura,
avoiding moments of mere surrenders.

Beyond the Sea, Dialogue Diverse, 2018

~ Anna Ciardullo Villapiana ©

The Maple Tree

And then we undress,
like autumn trees,
to redress with the same leaves
we once let fall,
torn clothes
we patch up on,
waiting for an icy wind
sweeping everything,
while covering the branches with snow.

Arms towards the sky
from which buds blossom
to nurture the heart
and pulses, breaths of life,
dreams, new words.

You run, stop to breathe,
run again, stop and pray.

The paths get crowded with fake smiles
elongated sounds,
arms that hold you close,
eyes that gaze inside you,
and kisses on your heart.

While the growing avalanche
passes you by,
rings of sun hidden behind white clouds
and nights of stars,
hands gliding on a body, shield,
prison that frees the soul.

And dreams fly around the thoughts
you touch them lightly with your hands
then you run, stop to love
you run again, stop to dream.

Beyond the Sea, Dialogue Diverse, 2018

~ Anna Ciardullo Villapiana ©



In a semi-dark night
I rewrite my life,
dipping the pen
in the light of the moon.

Aeolus was wafting strongly
through the castle of love,
among the rustling of the leaves
and of your hair
I let myself be captured by the blue,
suspended between the rocks,

a cobalt blue,
traversed by the flight of seagulls
and by my mind
that, upwind,
was flowing towards you.

I kissed you with my heart
through the wake of the boat,
bathing the soul with beauty and wonder.

Bouganvilleas and oleanders
were skimming through crowded boulevards
the gardens were, timidly,
hiding behind the rocks,
bathing my lips with salt.

A window made its room
among the rocks, unveiling
the green and blue of heart’s places
where, emigrant, I return
with the sun in my soul
and the sea in my eyes.

Beyond the Sea, Dialogue Diverse, 2018

~ Anna Ciardullo Villapiana ©

Lo-scoglio-dell’ulivo-Anna-Ciardullo-VillapianaIvory Towers

Smoke rings from your lips
fading into mine,
distant journeys into the blue
and eager hands
to weave webs of dreams and fears.

Grey city streets
light up as you walk by them
and the heart beats fast,
while you quickly fill the pages
with words born from a daze
thoughts expanded
sun-filled skies
and meadows of laughter and tears.

The music played to the rhythm of the heart
and the feet followed trails
traced by your dreams,
ebony drumsticks on cymbals of youth
measured the time
she taught us
to understand who we were
and what would have remained
of the time and space
in our soul.

She who passed from your lips to mine
hiding among the threads of those webs,
who travelled with us in the light
of ivory towers
was stomped, spent, abandoned,
before being reborn from the ashes
and from your lips.

Beyond the Sea, Dialogue Diverse, 2018

~ Anna Ciardullo Villapiana ©

Candles Never Spent

If you can’t see me raise your gaze,
you will follow me, by following the flight of the swallows,
you will hear me in the flap of a butterfly’s wings,
I’ll be the flame of a candle
that burns slowly,
the smile of a peaceful soul,
I’ll be the Holy Water that’s poured onto your head.

I’ll sit beside you,
with my hands full of gifts
and words flowing from my lips.

I’ll be scent and sweat,
while collecting words of solitude
and gratitude,
while collecting crumbs
from every table
to gift them to you
in the form of a prayer,
counting the beads of a rosary hour by hour.

My hands don’t leaf through the pages of life,
I have nothing to offer you but love,
the candle hasn’t been spent,
nor has the smile,
until you’re here to hold me in your heart.

Beyond the Sea, Dialogue Diverse, 2018

~ Anna Ciardullo Villapiana ©

Fragments of Light

Echo from Heaven

With wings under your feet
you carried a promise,
a message, a love.

Rainbow born from a storm
you moved towards the sun
with no voice,
no breath, no words.

You brought with you
only the colours of this world
the yellow of grain
the blue of the sky
the shades of flowers.

Summer moon
you were both
warmth and emptiness
grief and hope
dim light that inherits the sky
empty absence that presses against the walls of the soul.

The sun was there
to gift you its rays
the sea was there
to lull your dreams.

Only the wind remained with me
to whisper words,
telling me: “Tomorrow we shall see the dawn arise…
we will think of morning,
and not of a dying day…”

Fragments of Ligth, 2015

~ Anna Ciardullo Villapiana ©

I carry you within

I carry you within, like carrying a book that was never written
leafed through several times,
but hiding blank pages.

I carry you within, love
I look at you,
you are standing there in front of me, on the other side of the river.

Unspoken words flowing through
until they reach the sea,
dispersing without voice, without fear.

Who knows one day if I too
will drown in that river
to rediscover the essence of those silences,
to understand the meaning of what you have withheld
to find you again,
and to give you back my words unbroken.

Meanwhile I rest here to listen to the rustling;
walk and your love follows me, it latching on to me

I receive it and I carry it with me, holding it within
and I try to write that silence,
that fills the blank pages.

Poetry pulls me in
silence becomes words
I reach the sea,
I find you again.

Fragments of Light, 2015

~ Anna Ciardullo Villapiana ©

Anna-Ciardullo-Villapiana-Il-CantoThe chant

A body transformed into a wave
to receive the earth

two slender hands
that slide along the impalpable notes

sinuous hips
caressed by the dance of hair

young lips
that sing a melodious chant

and the silence becomes music
weaving threads of far away worlds
of flights that taste of dreams
of awakenings that taste of sea.

Fragments of Light, 2015

~ Anna Ciardullo Villapiana ©

Heavenly Mother

Mother of compassion
you nourish your child
with care and dedication
give us, your children,
the food of your love.

Sweet Mother
you embrace Jesus in your arms
hold us too, your dear ones
in the mantle of your good.

Mother of strength
you carry the chain of grief
teach us too, your pupils,
to recognize and defeat evil.

And we, caterpillars hanging from the thread of life
precarious and oscillating
in the wind of fate
will know to wait until…

contented by your love
safe by your embrace
rings of goodness
we will be free to fly towards God.

Fragments of Light, 2015

~ Anna Ciardullo Villapiana ©

Anna-Villapiana-The-Waiting-TimeThe waiting time

Nude soul
like an autumn tree
relies on you
and follows you,
small star in the sky of love
powder of light surrounding
making buds sprout,
and a new dress.

Illumine our nights
hidden behind a pale ray of moonlight,
rekindle the hope,
scattered among the scarce shrubs

and with the wandering soul,
near the warmth of a new fire
we will dress ourselves of moonlight and love.

Fragments of Light, 2015

~ Anna Ciardullo Villapiana ©

Inner Paths

In silence

Lost in the sweet unsealing of your lips
a quiver passed through my skin,
the shiver of the rock
caressed by the slow flow of the waves.

Captured by the memory of your embrace
the thought of your distance
was cold on my skin,
as cold as the rock
that the waves of the ocean crash upon
in the breath of the northern wind,
in tempest.

And in that smile,
when the colours of the horizon
stole your eyes,
you left me breathing the frozen immobility… in silence.

Inner Paths, 2007

~ Anna Ciardullo Villapiana ©

Your lips

Making annoying and petty sounds
and glimpsing happiness.
Creating exciting and sublime sensations
and falling into a crazy emotion.

How much of yourself
remains in your gestures,
how much of yourself
resonates in words.

Two opposite worlds are pending from your lips:
sky and earth,
dream and reality,
sublime and ephemeral.

A thin line divides those two worlds
and only one feeling
unites them.

Will you be the earth that I’ll furrow
or a new horizon behind my sky,
will you be the dream dressing up my nights
or the reality stripping off my soul,
will you be the sublime that enfolds me
or the ephemeral returning dust to life.

Meanwhile your lips are on fire,
a symbol of annoying and petty
exciting and sublime love.

Inner Paths, 2007

~ Anna Ciardullo Villapiana ©

Anna-Ciardulo-Villapiana-Nostra-StoriaOur story

Our story
Of our story nothing remains…

I leave you my thoughts,
my words,
that sunset on the ocean in wintertime.

I leave you the craving of the body,
the orgasm of the soul,
the springtime sun reflected in my eyes.

The emotions I wrote down,
the sorrows, the tears,
my hands gliding on your back…

of our story nothing remains.

Inner Paths, 2007

~ Anna Ciardullo Villapiana ©


I didn’t hear your voice
only the sound of your breath,
I didn’t hear your words
only the sound of your heart,

in that breath
there was a gust of life
that vibrated my soul,
in that heartbeat
were held my dreams
prisoners of an infinite joy.

One day the heartbeat silenced
and the breath became a pain,
the soul was naked
and my dreams were freed, flying on grief.

Now I imagine you
being born among the roses of Heaven,
playing with the wind,
touching lightly the waves of the sea,
I see you running merrily on the meadow of my heart,
little angel of my dreams
fragile as a winter sunbeam.

Inner Paths, 2007

~ Anna Ciardullo Villapiana ©