A Passion for Poetry

Anna Ciardullo Villapiana, teacher and poet, explores the world of feelings and passions, words, and sound, and she returns it to the reader in the form of poetry. One of her primary aspiration is sharing her Italian culture and language through poetry and teaching.

“…and the silence becomes music
weaving threads of far away worlds
of flights that taste of dreams
of awakenings that taste of sea”.

Anna Ciardullo Villapiana. ©

“I saw her leaving at night,
the pen was throbbing
the page was sweating ink
staining words.
I saw her leaving at night …
it was my Muse, who is kissing you by now”.

Anna Ciardullo Villapiana. ©

Book Signing, Indigo, Kitchener, 2019.


Book Signing, Librissimi Italian Book Festival, Columbus Centre, Toronto, 2019.


Intervista a radio CHIN, Toronto, 2019.


Presentazione di Al di là del mare, Dialoghi DiVersi, Roma, 2018.


Presentazione Al di là del mare, Dialoghi DiVersi, Dipignano, Cosenza, 2018.

anna-ciardullo-villapiana-presentazione-al-di-la-del-mare-dipignano-cosenza-2018 (2)

Presentazione di Al di là del mare, Dialoghi DiVersi, Genazzano, Roma, 2018.


Presentazione di Al di là del mare, Dialoghi DiVersi, Genazzano, Roma, 2018.


Contributo di arte e poesia conferenza ICAP, Guelph, Ontario, 2017.


Presentazione di Frammenti di Luce, Laurignano, Cosenza, 2015.



“This is an accomplished poem that commands the reader’s attention, in particular by its audacious central metaphor that links the Passion of Christ to the suffering of the world from the corona virus, and His Resurrection to our eventual redemption.”

Excerpt from AICW Newsletter, Prof. Caterina Edwards, Judge’s

Comment of  “Ti bacerò domani“, Venera Fazio Poetry Contest, 2020.

“…a book that affects and doesn’t just convey musical emotions and love with both hands, not just metaphors loaded with images and color in motion. It is a book that upsets and pushes to
look inward, in good and in regret, in the pain of desertion and in the rebirth of hope. It is a meditative and spiritual contemplation that slowly, as it is in the verse, changes violence in the placid calm of the Mudra.”

-Excerpt from the Preface of Beyond the Sea, Dialoghi diVersi, Bruna Cicala, poet and writer.

“…a new poetic voice, brimming with warmth and hope amidst the wintry snow-clad and wind-swept steppes of southwestern Mennonite Ontario, is struggling to make itself heard.
It is a refreshing voice, a voice whose evocatively rhythmic cadences, while confabulating ancient dreams, attempt to fill the cold void of an often harsh and desolate landscape…”

-Excerpt from “Studies in Honour of Guido Pugliese” – Prof. Gabriel Niccoli

“… poetry we will say again that it is water, which transforms purifying every note pronounced, and saves, by singing, every action of soul and mind. The poetry of Ciardullo Villapiana testifies the strength never to give in to the weaknesses of memories, but to take them on as a remuneration for pain … ”

– Excerpt from Research and Prayer in Fragments of Light , Prof. Antonio D’Elia.